2021 Rising Star Award Winner Brooks Campany

The Association of Trust Organizations (ATO) announced Brooks Campany, Argent Trust Company, was awarded the 2021 Rising Star Award for her impressive leadership and commitment to the industry.

Bryant Jones (left), ATO President, Brooks Campany, 2021 Rising Star, Phil Buchanan, ATO Board Member at the ATO 2021 Annual Meeting.

“Then and now Brooks amazes everyone she touches with her incredible connectivity,” said Phil Buchanan, ATO Board Member. “She does that connectivity in a way that very few people do. She seeks to recognize others and not put the spotlight on herself. She focuses on making sure she brings people together and moves appropriately to the sidelines. I’ve watched her do this in her early roles and doing it now as a regional executive.”

Campany is the Regional Manager for Argent Trust Company’s offices in Oxford and Jackson, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to starting with Argent in 2009, she worked for Avenue Bank in Nashville, Tennessee as a personal banker.

“Brooks is a very passionate and driven individual,” said Buchanan. “She leads in a way that lets everyone know she cares as much or more about you than you do about the experience you’re getting. I can think of very few individuals I’ve come across that exhibit that at such a young age.”

The award was given at ATO’s 2021 Annual Meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island on September 19-21, 2021. Over 150 trust professionals from across the country gathered for industry meetings, education, training and networking.

This award recognizes an emerging leader in the trust industry whose record reflects ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession and increased levels of leadership and responsibility. Successful candidates will have not yet reached a senior-level position, but their track record should reflect a strong potential for an appointment at the highest levels of the profession.

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