2021: Year in Review

It was a beautiful sight to see so much of the industry band together, share ideas and support one another this year.

Trust Speaker Series

We kicked the year off with our Trust Speaker Series in January talking about working remotely and its impact on corporate culture. Panelists shared how companies and individuals can thrive while working remotely and how to transition back into an office setting or if that’s the best choice for your company.

February saw us diving into recent cases in which trustees have been sued. Adam Gaslowitz and Craig Frankel shared tips on how trustees can minimize lawsuits and prevail if sued. 

In March we had a crash course on how to make virtual meetings work for you. We were forced into remote engagement for sales and client relationship management, but it will most likely become a permanent fixture in the future.

In April, Paul Ollinger shared what he did with his millions after earning it. After working at early internet companies like Launch.com and Yahoo!, Paul joined Facebook as its 250th employee. The millions he earned in the company’s IPO enabled him to retire at 42 years old. And that’s when things got complicated.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors Federated HermesIT Authorities and Berkshire Global Advisors for making our Trust Speaker Series possible. 

Big Ideas, Changing Tides & New Perspectives

If you weren’t able to join us this year in Amelia Island for our Annual Meeting – you missed out! It was great to be back in person to network with friends and colleagues.

This year’s meeting was packed with fun, education and collaboration with over 20 speakers and sessions focused on transitioning companies, trustee liability and more. After the uncertainty of 2020, our focus this year was collaboration and how to ensure your company survives future changes. This led to many panel discussions and a heavy focus on networking opportunities.

Thank you to all of our sponsors & exhibitors who made this event a success!

To all our members – thank you for partnering with us during this crazy year. It means so much to us that we get to walk alongside you to help you grow.

Here’s to a wonderful 2022!

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