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About Us

About us

Our mission is to support you

ATO is the ONLY association supporting the unique trust & wealth industry.

We honestly believe that we are always stronger in numbers!

Whether it be joining forces for an issue to protect the trust wealth management industry or simply coming together in a time of crisis, it is beneficial for all of us to be a part of our national trust wealth industry association. 

We're here to help you

Our mission and what can we do to help you professionally

Our mission is to provide a forum for leaders, owners and operators of trust organizations to network and grow as an industry. ATO attracts professionals from across the country, providing opportunities for networking, business development, continuing education and information on key industry issues.

A trust company is a bank, law firm or independently owned company, who acts as a fiduciary, trustee or agent of trusts and agencies.

The assets are held in the form of a trust. This is a legal instrument that explains who the beneficiaries are and how the money can be spent.

We support the advancement of the trust industry by empowering trust & wealth professionals through education and networking.

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How it started...

In 1992, a group involved in the trust industry formed the Association of Independent Trust Companies, Inc. After 20 years, board members considered the original name was restrictive in today’s environment. They changed the name believing that the new, broader moniker would welcome those whom we have more in common than not. 

We rebranded in 2012 to the Association of Trust Organizations, but with the same goal…to support and grow the trust industry.

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