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High Engagement

Engage with owners and operators of companies across the U.S. who are specializing in special needs trusts, family offices, beneficiaries trust and more.

Focused Audience

Target the niche trust wealth management industry that consists of financial institutions, community banks, insurance companies, credit unions and more.

Better Rates

With a variety of publications, we have options for every budget.

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ATO members save on every advertising option.

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Advertising options

The quarterly printed Trust Bulletin newsletter is distributed to our entire membership: owners, operators and employees of independent trust organizations, and service company providers for the financial services industry. Issued once per quarter, we’re ready to make your ad shine!

Sizing options:

  • Full page: 8.5 x 11in
  • Horizontal Half Page: 8 x 5in
  • Vertical Half Page: 4 x 10in
  • Quarter Page: 4 x 5in
  • Eighth Page: 2.5 x 2.5in

Publication Dates: February, May, August, November 

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Reach trust industry professionals and send them directly to your website by placing an ad in our monthly email updates. 

Sizing options:

  • Banner: 8 x 2.5in (600 x 200px)
  • Postage Stamp: 4 x 4in (384 x 384px)

Publication Dates: The first week of each month

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Sponsor an upcoming Trust Speaker Series where we talk about relevant issues to support our members. Sponsors get exclusive recognition on all promotional materials, 5 minutes to speak on a topic of your choice, invite anyone of your choice to join, access to the registration list and more.

If you sponsor early, you can help us choose the topic & speakers to help our members get the most out of the session.

Presenting Sponsor: $5,000

Presentation Dates: January, March, April

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Advertise in our yearly membership directory and be recognized as a supporter of ATO! Our members use the membership directory throughout the year. Meaning your advertisement will be seen again and again by decision-makers in the trust industry.

The membership directory is provided electronically to all ATO members. 

Sizing options:

  • Back Outer Cover: 8.5 x 11in
  • Front Inside Cover: 8.5 x 11in
  • Back Inside Cover: 8.5 x 11in
  • Interior Full Page: 8.5 x 11in
  • Half Page Vertical: 4 x 10in
  • Half Page Horizontal: 4 x 10in
  • Quarter Page: 4 x 5in
  • Eighth Page: 2.25 x 2.25in

Advertising Deadline: January 1st, 2023

Publication Date: Late Spring, 2023 

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You can request an advertisement designed by our director of communications to use in any ATO materials. All design fees will be charged to you. Pleases call (405) 680-7869 for pricing.

Target a key demographic

Advertise with ATO