Our Award Winners

Member of the Year

The Member of the Year Award is presented to an outstanding ATO member who has shown tremendous leadership and advancement of the trust industry’s initiatives throughout the past year.


Member of the Year Recipients

Award winner 2021 member of the year stuart allen
Stuart B. Allen
President & CEO, Allen Trust Company
Award winner 2019 member of the year william smith
William Smith
CEO & Founder, Trust Company of the South
Award winner 2018 member of the year phil buchanan
Phil Buchanan
Executive Chairman, Cannon Financial Institute
Award winner 2017 member of the year doug nunn
Doug Nunn
President, The Trust Company of Virginia
Award winner 2016 member of the year mark knackendoffel
Mark Knackendoffel
Chief Executive Officer, The Trust Company
Award winner 2015 member of the year bond payne
Bond Payne
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Heritage Wealth Management Company

Rising Star

The Rising Star Award recognizes an emerging leader in the trust industry whose record reflects ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the profession and increased levels of leadership and responsibility. 

Successful candidates will have not yet reached a senior-level position, but their track record should reflect a strong potential for an appointment at the highest levels of the profession.


Rising Star Recipients

Award winner 2021 rising star brooks campany
Brooks Campany
Regional Manager, Argent Trust Company
Award winner 2021 rising star kevin crawford
Kevin Crawford
Account Manager, Broadridge Financial

E. Deane Kanaly Lifetime Achievement

The E. Deane Kanaly Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a past or present ATO member that has spent a lifetime promoting and protecting the trust industry. 

This individual has gone the extra mile to help others in the industry and ensure the viability of all industry professionals for years to come.


E. Deane Kanaly Lifetime Achievement Recipients

Award winner 2018 lifetime achievement award henry feldman
Henry Feldman
ATO Founder
Award winner 2017 lifetime achievement award eugene maloney
Eugene F. Maloney
Executive Vice President & Corporate Counsel, Federated Investors, Inc.
Award winner 2016 lifetime achievement award sharon pryse
Sharon J. Pryse
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Trust Company
Tony Guthrie 2012 member of the year tony guthrie
Anthony Guthrie
Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Trust & Subsidiaries
Award winner 2014 lifetime achievement award greg osko
Greg Osko
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Trust Company of Illinois
Award winner 2013 lifetime achievement award tom blank
Tom C. Blank, Esq.
Co-Administrator, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP
Award winner 2012 lifetime achievement award e deane kanaly
E. Deane Kanaly
Chairman of the Board/Founder, Kanaly Trust Company