Quinton Alston-Spratt

Quinton Alston-Spratt

Head of Advisor Practice Management, Franklin Templeton

    Quinton Alston Spratt joined the Legg Mason Sales Training team
    in August of 2017, and the Franklin Templeton Academy in 2020.
    Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Quinton is responsible for supporting
    US Distribution with an emphasis on instilling skills that embrace a
    a consultative approach built upon supporting practice management

    Prior to Legg Mason, Quinton spent almost 10 years providing
    coaching and training to top agents, advisors, wholesalers and
    distribution leaders across the country. Quinton focuses on
    developing sales professionals who deliver holistic solutions,
    through a process-driven approach while retaining each individual’s
    personal style.

    Quinton is also a leader in Diversity and Inclusion within Franklin
    Templeton. Quinton serves as a co-global lead for Franklin
    Templeton’s African American business resource group BEN.

    In his spare time, Quinton is a photographer looking to complete his personal project of photographing all 63 US National Parks.